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What is the convenience of use (usability)?

The sales of goods or services are the main objects of the commercial selling sites. Convenience of use of the interface (usability) is one of the main points which provide success of sales.

The main goal of usability is to let users know that actually you offer as fast as possible. In the modern world of information technologies people are overloaded with information that’s why they have less time for other probably more important things. Sometimes visitors in search of the certain information spare just a few minutes for the website. Therefore the correct arrangement of all blocks of the website will become a decisive factor of choice of your web resource by the customers.

What does usability represents?

It is intuitively clear structure. The visitor has to make a minimum of clicks for make a purchase or order of service.

Simple navigation. The user has to understand clearly where he is (on what page, in what section).

Correctly picked up color scale and web fonts. The user has to read and look through information with ease.

Simplicity of communication. The visitor can contact administration of the site having pressed only one button and to receive the relevant information.

Correct optimization. The site has to be loaded quickly and easily (both on desktop computers and on mobile devices).

Why it is so necessary to mind the usability?

It will help you to gain trust and loyalty of clients if you care of that that your site will thought over and convenient for visitors. The sites remain the most popular and have higher frequency of visits which are created due to the usability forms and also in the online - stores direct influence to the scope of sales.

Our team will help you to define is you internet resource user-friendly and will it carry out the functions and tasks for all 100%.

Timely performance: from 7 working days
The price: individually