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The WEB Shop (online store)

The WEB Shop

The online store is the least expensive and an effective way to develop and expand the business at the same time, to find new clients and partners. These factors are not depending on your location. Your website is open for visitors and potential buyers not only from one region or the city but from a lot of the cities and countries that opens new opportunities for development and increase in a stream of audience.

Creation of web shop is the integral component of any modern company. It is delicate and serious process at which the special structure and design are developed in a corporate style of the company which use a modern requirements to a usability, a way and an order of an arrangement of important sections and information blocks.

The advantages of online store

Flawless operation. Creation of online store gives an outlet which will work for you in the 24/7 mode. Thus its contents will be much less expensive than ordinary shop with all his employees, a rent and warehouse.

Reduction of staff. It isn't necessary for online store huge rooms, infinite racks of production, a large number of the staff as managers, consultants, sellers. Online store will be able to have the small staff of the qualified managers who are able to communicate with clients, to accept and make out orders via the site interface. That allows you to distribute labor and financial expenses more effectively.

Additional audience of clients. The online store works in worldwide network the Internet where millions of users looking for necessary goods and services every day. The online store has more opportunities in involvement of new buyers and maintenance of relationship with already loyal clients.

The components of online store

The catalog of goods. Photocatalogue production developed with observance of all rules of a usability which is divided into convenient and clear hierarchy sections and categories of goods.

Filters and search. Fast and expanded search in the site and system of filters of parameters of goods which will help your clients to find the necessary information quicker.

Shopping cart and ordering. A convenient shopping cart for viewing of the ordered goods. It allows to edit quantity of goods and displays the sum for concrete goods and total amount of purchase. The order can be issued by filling and sending a form.

Registration. Registration of the customer on your website. After registration you can give your clients more opportunities. There are system of discounts, viewing of the status of the order or repeated ordering of one of already made orders. The database of clients allows to use further it when mailing price lists, novelty, special offers, stocks, discounts and etc.

Recently seen goods. This section allows user to spend much less time if necessary to return to already seen goods.

Popular goods. The section with goods which get most of all. This will allow buyers to spend much less time for search of popular and demanded goods.

News and actions. This section will help you to inform client about important information on production or useful tips and also will help to increase sales due to holding actions.

The callback and the online consultant will help to be in touch with your clients that will allow to resolve their issues.

Any other additional opportunities.

Factors that influence pricing:

Online store by UP Studio

Our team offers you development of online store taking into account all your requirements and wishes. We will create rather competitive and qualitative resource which will help you to earn not only money but also positive reputation. At each stage of creation we are guided by the principles of quality and usefulness for the clients therefore the ready online store will differ by:

It is natural that the online store created by us will be on guarantee maintenance and always you will be able to ask us any questions us on its work.

Timely performance: from 25 working days
The price: from 800 AUD

The price can vary depending on concrete objectives, necessary functionality and need of creation of additional modules.

The online store is a favorable capital investment for any company or the businessman.