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Corporate Website

Corporate website

The main idea of a corporate web site development and creation is to increase of popularity and recognition of your company among potential clients and partners at the Internet. The corresponding design and structure of the website which is continuation of a corporate style and idea of the company is for this purpose developed. Such approach allows to impress the clients and partners.

The corporate site of the serious and stable company has to pursue such aims as solidity, authoritativeness, imagination among the clients.

Development of the corporate site at which all requirements are stood forms the confidential relation of clients. During the process of developing the corporate site it is also necessary to pay attention to in-depth development of a corporate style of the company and the correct approach to ease of use (usability) which considerably increases efficiency and efficiency of use by users of your site.

Creation of the corporate site and its main sections

The homepage of the site is the main and first page in development. On the homepage information about goods or services, news or articles and others can be placed depending on the direction and specifics of business on the homepage.

About the company. This section contains full information about the company which can be useful both to clients and potential partners. The section may contain an investment of some useful pages such as: "Partners", "Our Branches", "Vacancies" and similar.

The catalogue. The section of the catalog contains the full detailed list of the provided goods. It is convenient to clients when there is a structured catalog with transition to concrete goods with the detailed description of its characteristics and features.

Services. One of the most popular sections on the site. This section contains the description of the provided main services and additional. Sometimes the photo gallery can be added.

News/articles. This section allows the company to report about the news, novelty, stocks, new products that are undoubtedly increases trust and loyalty of clients and helps to keep them informed events of your company.

Contacts. There are contact information, follow-up form, location of offices of the company on a map , in this section.

Registration. This section is very useful to both the client and the company. The company receives base of clients their contact information which can be used further for the offer of new goods or services through email and SMS mailings, phone calls and other. Registration is useful to clients because it opens additional access to opportunities of viewing of catalogs, price lists, special offers, discount offers.

Timely performance: from 20 working days
The price: from 650 AUD

The price can vary depending on concrete objectives, necessary functionality and need of creation of additional modules.