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Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising

The contextual advertising is the most effective instrument of promotion and advance of your online store, business card website, landing page or any Internet resource. As distinct from SEO, the contextual advertising yields result the next day after start of an advertising campaign. In a context you can be shown in parallel by thousands of key queries while advance of SEO is more limited of amount of queries.

Contextual advertising is the modern and effective instrument of internet marketing for customer acquisition, increase in sales, raising of recognition of your brand, increase in network traffic at your Internet resource.

The advantage of contextual advertising

Fast speed. Any tool can't be compared with the speed of start and receiving of expected effect as a contextual advertising. Often for start of a full-fledged advertising campaign only some days are required.

The target audience. Advertising will be shown only to your target audience (in the context of a search query). Time of intrusive advertising already passed as on television. "Let all know, probably someone will become interested" such motto doesn't work for a contextual advertising.

The reduction of terms of making decision on purchase. There are a lot of goods and services. The decision about its acquisition comes not at once. For example the purchase of expensive furniture or household equipment, the services of design of apartments and etc. At that case the contextual advertising will help you to bring your client to do an order thanks to the remarketing tool which displays the announcements for your target audience which was interested in your goods or services earlier.

The transparency. The contextual advertising spell all expenses out. That’s why you always know how does your advertising budget was spent.

Predictability. It is always possible to predict the approximate advertising budget on an advertising campaign even before it start. You will foreknow how much your will need to spend for advertising campaign and to make the decision on expansion or narrowing of your advertising campaign. From our part we are always ready to give you an appropriate recommendations.

The contextual advertising allows to work with each client individually. Thanks to the tools of a contextual advertising you can have an impact to yours clients to a resource. With the contextual advertising you can push the same goods with the help of various announcements, each of which will be specially adapted to the requirements of concrete category of your clients. All these announcements can lead to the same page of your website but approach to each type of clients will be individual.

The contextual advertizing is adjust to the features of your website and not the reverse. It is known that effective promotion of the website demands essential changes of the website, and often these changes do harm and don’t bring positive results.

For example. Often the requirements of SEO make the website’s owner add a set of pages on the Internet resource actually not necessary for potential clients or information blocks which has only one mission is to attract an additional Internet traffic on the website. Such elements make the structure and design of the website not clear complicating the navigation on it and distract the visitors from making the order.

The cost. There is a popular delusion that a contextual advertising is expensive and promotion of the site is cheap or even is for free at all. Actually promotion of the site (SEO) it is not "less paid" tool than a contextual advertising. Moreover for a contextual advertising you can pay anytime and as much as you like without promising any regular payments while the promotion of the website will demand from you constant expenses for achievement and maintenance of the necessary results. Working with a contextual advertising you invest money in your own system of sales but not in the purses of owners of other websites and services.

The price: individually