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Business Card Website

Business Card Website

What is the business card website?

The business card website is the easiest and available way to declare itself on the Internet. This resource provides the main and the most important information about the activity of the company, goods or services and gives the chance to the visitor directly contact you by means of a form of feedback or though online consultant.

Development of the business card website is ideally suited for the small companies and businessmen as photographers, restaurants, studios of clothes design, production of handmade-production, author's courses and many other things.

What are the components of the business card website?

The business card site usually consists of a small amount of pages (about 5-10) which bear a main objective is to increase popularity and to open new consumers on the Internet, to tell and show your goods or services.

The main part of the business card site is a design. Development of the qualitative and thought-over design in combination with a corporate style of your company will allow your visitors quickly and easily to find the necessary information.

There are main features of the business card site:

Why does the business card website is necessary?

Competently developed project is some kind of advertizing which instantly works for image and popularity of your company. Thereby it advances and increases its success. Usually all most popular companies in the world have the bright and memorable business card site.

The business card site usually has such sections

About the company. This section is the’ rule of thumb’ for any kind of the site. Such information as important from the history of the company, on its activity, achievements and progress includes in this section. Such openness considerably increases trust and loyalty of clients.

Goods and services. In this section types and the range of goods or services which are provided by the company are described in detail. The full and correctly stated information on production of the company motivates the potential buyer to finish searches on other sites and to buy the pleasant goods or service on your website.

News. Interesting and actual information on the company, products, actions etc is published in the section of news. Your clients will be precisely sure that the company doesn't mark time and cares of that that her clients received the freshest information on offers and activity of firm.

Price list. Opportunity to compare the prices of the pleasant goods or service is important for any buyer on the Internet. Say yes, there is no sense to create the site and not to specify all useful information which is useful to the client and will push to address to you.

Photo gallery. All know that pictures on the site attract visitor’s attention much more than big texts of the description. It means the photos of results, production or photo reports on the provided services to clients place at the gallery.

Contacts. One of the most important sections of the site which comprises various sources of callback. If it is possible the address of the company and its location on the card is specified. Clients without effort will be able to contact you or even come to the specified address.

Timely performance: within 14 working days
The price: from 350 AUD

The price can vary depending on concrete objectives, necessary functionality and need of creation of additional modules.