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Our Services

Websites Development

One of the main areas of our team work is the web sites development. Our task is to make the site useful and convenient for users & customers. We will create functional solutions for any project depending on your requirements and needs. The main feature is own CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS) which is 100% unique, designed and developed by our company. That means the viruses – protected system. We are really proud of that CMS at all. We don't use the system with an open source code (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.,) that allows to make your site unique that mean more competitive on the Internet.

After the end of the site development we will test the project that you will sure of its functionality and working capacity.


Design is the first that visitors notice visiting your website. If about the person we can say «Clothes do not make the man» but if it’s web site that it will be estimate on design.

It is possible to attract the loyal visitor or to influence positively to the potential buyer’s decision by the design only. After all many trust the first impression which renders on them design of the site. It has to be not simply attractive from the esthetic point of view, but also as much as possible answer the concept of the site and the general style of the company.

Such design will allow users to learn your site from thousands of others on the Internet.

Internet Marketing

Undoubtedly the web space popularity involves competitive fight for attention of users between the sites.

The web analyticsis one of the most important questions after development of the site. Thanks to analytics it is possible to receive responses to the majority of questions which will help to increase conversion and to increase profit.