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About Us

The one of the shortest ways to success in the modern world of business is to create the website. Many businessmen have already managed to appreciate this effective marketing mix. Nowadays the many of well-known brands have become popular due to advertizing in the Internet. When heads of the companies make an order in developing services of the website with the UP-Studio they don't doubt about the prospects of similar undertakings at all.

It is necessary only to find experts for whom there are no difficulties in such business as creation of the website. There are many variants because a few tens of web studios or simply freelancers are engaged in development of the websites. But not each expert can provide the maximum result.

The UP-Studio team provides each clients that many can only predict. Creation of the sites with the UP-Studio is that work which you can trust us!

Everyone is happy with our work!

Do you need skilled team for the websites development? We are the team of professionals and our favorite occupation is the creation of websites! It is absolutely inexpedient to trust so responsible things to the freelancer such as high-quality development of the websites is a labor-intensive process.

Our team makes happy each of our clients who is working in the field of the websites development with the UP-Studio! Also there are such companies whose names are very famous among our customers within the world.

The trading, construction and entertaining companies used our services in development of the website. In such difficult and labor-consuming works as creation of the website we have following advantages:

We do define implementation strategies of innovative ways for creation website of your online business.

We create the sites with our own UPcms control system of content which has possibilities of further development (scalability) that allows clients to watch the project step by step or to supplement and change functionality of the future web site.

Vitalii Rzhavsky Co-founder / Technical Director / Back End Developer
Alex Vasilenko Co-Founder / System Architect
Lily Rzhavsky Front End Developer
Pavlo Kravchenko Logo / Web Designer